May 6, 2015 – Tour Mall of America Security Operations

Ashley Helser, Special Operations Manager at the Mall of America will provide an overview of security operations at North America’s largest retail complex. The tour will cover MOA’s brand new emergency management center and enhanced service portal, security training facility, introduction to the behavior detection unit (counter terrorism), patrol and bike units and the bomb detection K9.   

FBIMCAAA visits MOA2 10.2013

The event will begin at 6:30pm. Please arrive with enough time to park and find the conference room and check in.

* Please wear comfortable shoes as the event will involve some walking. The tour content is subject to change due to operational reasons.

Please park in the East Parking Ramp (between Sears and Forever 21).  Enter through the East Entrance level 1 (ground floor level). SeaLife will be directly in front of you as you enter, before you reach it and immediately past the restrooms on the left you will see a sign for MOA Management Offices/Badging area. Take the stairs down to the sub level Management Offices/Badging area where you will be met by a FBI alumni board member.  The event is being held in the Lake Minnetonka Conference room.